Your name is RATAKK VALJAN and you are GONE.

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oh shit i forgot to post this here


look at this fuckin kawaii

Anonymous asked: M!A: You can now switch between being a Khajiit and and a troll whenever you wish! This anon will last until your mun grows tired of it.

Your name is Ratakk Valjan, and between your hatching, your perception disrupter, and those crazy magic anons, you are a man with many lives.


ketchup mustard and relish ot3 bitches

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steamy feel better honey i love you ><><><><><><><><><><><><><><


okay i did everything i said i would do

i’m so frickin done with this sprite

so done

posts this on here too because fuck all y’all i worked my ass off for three days

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oh so i should post this

shipping shipping shipping

ratakk♥advoca zach♠nadaya otps

[5:43:41 PM] Lil Rat: can it be a running joke that ratakk quacks at tireas sometimes

[5:43:47 PM] Lil Rat: to pick on him

[5:43:51 PM] auroraknight: yes

[5:43:53 PM] Lil Rat: the joke is swans don’t quack

[5:44:47 PM] Lil Rat: i can picture them in a heated tactical debate during the rebellion and ratakk has enough of this bullshit and just

[5:44:49 PM] Lil Rat: QUACK

i drew a dion pawtroll

he says he is the PR——ETTIEST pawtroll and you can polish his bulge

i just wanted to draw pawfeet trolls but then ears happened and then tails happened and i just



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